Penny Candy and Retro Bars, YUM!


Check out our awesome collection of Penny Candy. It is sure to delight your senses and trigger memories of carefree, feel good times.


"Penny" Candy


Atomic Fireballs

Jaw Busters


Jolly Ranchers

Black Cow Bites


Butterscotch Candy

Mary Janes

Caramel Cream

Peanut Butter Bars

Charleston Chew

Rocky Road


Root Beer Barrels

Clark Bars

Salt Water Taffy

Dubble Bubble Smarties
Dum-Dums Tootsie Rolls
Hard Strawberry Candy Turkish Taffy





Retro Candy Bars


 Abba Zaba

Chocolate Necco Wafers Necco Wafers

 Almond Joy

Chuckles Redvines

 Big Cherry

Chunky Bar

Rock Candy

 Big Lollipops

Dark Big Cherry Slo Poke


Good News Bar Smoothie

 Bubble Gum Cigars


Sugar Babies

 Candy Bracelets Mallo Cups Wax Lips
 Candy Buttons Mounds Wax Mustaches
 Candy Necklaces Mr. Goodbar Zagnut